New chapters – leaving the Emerald Isle for the Little Red Dot

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Well, I kind of shot my load with the title there, thanks to the bastard child of everything that is SEO, but nevertheless, that is indeed my news – I’ve only gone and left Ireland and, via a minor detour to England and then China, landed in Singapore to start anew.

So, nothing too major to report then! Well, it’s major enough for me to dust off the old blog again anyway. Unsurprisingly it feels like something I should somehow mark for posterity – to look back on in the months/years to follow and remember the WTF-ness that was taking up a large portion of my brain as I wrote this, I suppose.

Truth be told, there’s been a large amount of WTF-ness rattling around my noggin for quite a while now (I know, I know. Not new news etc.). The decision to walk away from the life I’d spent almost five years building in Ireland wasn’t made overnight. Anyone that knows me well (and some that don’t) know that I’ve been mulling it over for about two years, on and off. And well, I finally put my money where my mouth was and I did it.

Why leave Ireland? 

Well, that’s a very good question. I’m glad you asked. Lots of reasons brought about my departure. Obviously the catalyst for all of this – the man I love upped and went to China for ten months about two and a half years ago. But ultimately that wasn’t the whole reason for my move. If I’m honest, Ireland had just become a little bit too depressing and introspective for me. I felt suffocated by it sometimes, and saddened by it/about it much of the rest of the time.

It’s not a secret that Ireland is in the shit, economically. But what’s not often talked about without hyperbole is the effect on the everyday Joe Soap. It’s honestly just a tad overwhelming a lot of the time.

Socially it’s much quieter but hey, nobody’s got the money to go out three or four times a week these days, and there are only so many Come Dine With Me nights you can run at home with your friends before you want to gouge your own eye out with the €25 melon baller that you bought back in early 2008 when you thought you’d be Neven Maguire-ing it up in the kitchen thrice weekly.

Not to mention the simmering anger and resentment that bubbles up occasionally (several times a day). Whether it’s more outrage at the latest badly edited piece of news, someone’s called Ireland Britain by accident again (a popular one, but seriously, chill the fuck out, people don’t make mistakes on purpose and the world will always be full of idiots), another politician is getting away with having his speeding tickets cancelled, or RTE have put YET ANOTHER lifer on the Late Late as a “guest”, the level of anger that results is increasingly disproportionate to the trigger. I was as guilty of it as anyone – frustration’s got to come out some way, right? But it gets wearying.

There’s loads of other reasons but honestly it’s not all Ireland, a lot of it was just me. I just wasn’t happy there anymore. Simple as that. Don’t get me wrong, despite the doom and gloom above, I LOVE Ireland. Genuinely love it. It’s a brilliant country full of brilliant people – some of whom I am very lucky to call my good friends, and will do so for may years to come. But whether it was Ireland, or me, or both, it was time to move on.

And so I did.

It was a difficult and an easy decision to make. Easy because of the reasons above and a few others, and difficult because not only did it mean leaving all of my lovely chums and being even further away from my amazing family. It also meant leaving my lovely job. And I really loved my job – am a bit tragic that way.

Side note – if you ever get a chance to work at Irish International BBDO over in Sandymount, leap at it. It is without doubt the best agency I have ever worked at. Full of amazing, talented and really brilliant people. It’s a very hard place to leave.

Another side note – Sorry Gary!

So now I’m here in lovely Singapore, having a cup of tea, eating an orange and waiting for the epic rain to stop pouring so I can go out for a wander and get my bearings a little bit. Not too dissimilar to when I first arrived in Dublin a few years ago then!

The job hunt has begun in earnest and hopefully it won’t be long before I’m plying my trade at another great agency. In the meantime, I’ll just be boring you all with photos of all the amazing food I’m eating – my plan to get Asia-skinny the second I arrived is already under threat because of the amazing food and my innate gluttony. But as soon as I get a place of my own, I’ll get my TRX up and running and get back into it, I promise James! ;-)

In the meantime, if anyone in Singapore wants to hire a planner then give me a call. Pretty please with a cherry on top!





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  1. Best of luck on your adventure Dena. The food is amazing in Singapore, but the price of drink will keep you out of the pubs for sure!

    David Clayton 19 April 2013 at 3:29 pm Permalink
  2. The very best of Good Luck & Success to you in your new world / life.

    Remember in today’s world you’re only a tweet etc away.

    May the Gods smile down on you & keep you safe and well. ;-)

    Martin Troy 20 April 2013 at 2:06 pm Permalink
  3. Your comments on the things people find to get angry about in Ireland are so accurate, it made me smile.

    Good luck with your new life.

    David Lynam 20 April 2013 at 11:59 pm Permalink

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